A Summer Of Hot Springs

Heading into this summer, my fiance and I have a goal of visiting one of BC’s secluded and natural hot springs every month from May until October. Our parameters around what is a “secluded” hot spring are as follows.

  • No fee to visit the spring
  • No public signage for the spring
  • No city or town in view from the spring
  • Must be at least a 20 min hike into the spring

I am not originally from British Columbia, so I needed a bit of help locating and researching these natural hot springs. Thankfully my fiance is a true bred, hiking, fishing BC boy, so he has in his personal library a book that I am to be a hugely useful resource.

Jim McDonald’s Hot Springs of Western Canada.

Our first stop, May’s Hot Spring Adventure was from page #19 of the book – the Pebble Creek or popularly known as the “Keyhole Hot Spring” .

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.34.36 AM.png

From the book.

” There is a group of eight small springs seeping from a rock face at the foot of a waterfall on the north bank of the Lillooet River, about 3 km north of the mouth of Meager Creek.”

And it did meet all of our criteria.

  • No fee to enter or to park
  • Is a 1.5 hour hike round trip
  • There is a small sign at the make shift parking lot, but i think its only to deter tourists from wandering off in the wrong direction into the bush
  • The view from the spring is beautiful mountains and a lush valley

The springs are approx. 3-4 hours from Vancouver.


From Whistler Drive north on Highway 99 until you reach Pemberton. When you reach Pemberton turn left at the traffic lights and after 1k you will come to a roundabout, left here and drive 200 meters to the T junction, you will see a sign for “The Meadows” turn right here and another “The Meadows” sign in a couple hundred meters pointing left. Head NW from Pemberton on Pemberton Meadows road for 25km, and turn right onto Upper Lillooet.  Be careful to keep left at 9km (right goes to Gold Bridge via Hurley Pass). At km 37 continue straight past the Meager Creek turn-off on your left, which is now a mound of dirt blocking the road that once was the giant bridge to Meager Creek Hot Springs.

We shall see where next months hot springs adventure will take us.







Becoming Adventure-Us

Working as a photo and video producer, I spend a lot of time searching for unique locations to capture photos and videos. Being a traveling gypsy with a passion for secluded scenery, I spend a lot of time searching for unique locations to run away to.

For work, I am searching for anything from grungy alleys with cool graffiti to fancy elegant lofts in Vancouver’s trendy districts.

For personal, I am searching for wide open spaces full of seclusion and remoteness.

I hope this blog can be a platform for me to share my experiences searching for these locations for both work and play.

Join me on my adventures and maybe you can experience these amazingly unique locations with me and we can become Adventure-Us .

Just to get you intrigued, this is a photo of my 1st location.

Story and location info to come next week.

“Roll Down the windows and get lost”